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  • 09 Aug 2021 11:47 AM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    Rigged for Dirt
    PODCAST https://www.riggedfordirt.com/podcast/episode/8f3960f3/ep67-chris-doering-founder-of-land-ops-8821-548-pm

    I met Frank and Ali at Patch Coffee in Lake Forest, California. They host a meet and greet event called "Rigs and Coffee". We had a great time meeting different people with all different types of rigs. 

    The PODCAST was not planned, it was spur of the moment, organic and lots of fun chatting. They broke out the equipment and went at it.

  • 19 Oct 2020 1:34 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    There's a new kind of op on the horizon that is being added to our playbook!

    Deploy by Day, Play by Night


  • 03 Jul 2018 9:45 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    Research/Adventure Documentary
    "Mysteries of Lucky Nugget"
    A Story about the Old Woman Meteorite

    The long awaited release of the Lucky Nugget documentary is here!

    This story and filming was over a year in the making by the volunteers at Land Ops Adventure Radio Club.

    What’s It about?
    In 1976 two prospectors discovered a national treasure. It was the second largest meteorite to be found in the United States and they named it Lucky Nugget, but their claim and the name would not prevail. It was later officially named Old Woman Meteorite after the mountain range where it was discovered. The two prospectors who found it were searching for the lost arch gold mine. Their search yielded a much greater discovery and yet they received no reward or finders fee.

    What’s so unusual about this discovery?

    There are a handful of mysteries that surround this meteorite discovery which we bring to light in this short 30 minute documentary.

    1.     Why was there no reward issued?

    2.     What were the odds of this discovery?

    3.     How did something so large (6070 pounds) leave no impact crater?

    4.     How did it end up where it was found?

    5.     Why was the documentation so poorly recorded?

    6.     Why was extra fencing installed at the access road?

    Land Ops, amateur radio in the rough!

  • 01 Jul 2018 4:59 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    Trip Report
    Return to Monache Meadows (June 2018)

    The Land Ops adventure radio club is a mobile radio adventure club based in California, but with a forum that is available to all to join as a member and coordinate adventure games involving navigation, off road exploration and radio communications.

    Land Ops ARC call sign is KM6HJV and is affiliated as an ARRL radio club.

  • 06 Jun 2018 9:08 AM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    OCRACES Presentation
    Orange County Sheriff’s Department Communications

    Land Ops was invited by Ken Bourne W6HK to speak at the OCRACES meeting last Monday June 4th. Jim Biram K6JKB (pictured with the group below) and myself (Chris Doering) shared for about 30 minutes and played a few club video clips.

    Land Ops member Matt Obermayer KF6BRC, also a RACES member, attended as representing both organizations.

    We’ve been invited back and, in general, our members are considered qualified candidates for RACES membership.

    Watch for future announcements for RACES meetings.

  • 03 Jun 2018 3:01 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    Adventure Documentary Segment
    "Presented by...Land Ops ARC"
    Club Segment from Mysteries of Lucky Nugget

    This short video is the segment "Presented by Land Ops Adventure Radio Club in the documentary named mysteries of Lucky Nugget (soon to be released)

  • 29 May 2018 3:10 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    Adventure Documentary
    Mysteries of Lucky Nugget
    Documentary Release

    The club documentary "Mysteries of Lucky Nugget", a story about the mysteries surrounding the second largest meteorite to be found in the U.S. is due to release shortly. Scheduled for June 6th. Sneak previews are available this weekend for certain backers of the project.

    Updates will be posted here on this blog page.

    We're very delighted at how this project came together. We feel the 33 minute documentary accurately depicts our quest to solve the mysteries. 

  • 25 May 2018 6:46 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    Land Ops Presentation at
    Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES)
    Monday June 4th, 2018

    Land Ops has been invited to do a presentation about “Land Ops” during the RACES meeting in the city of Orange on Monday June 4th at 7:30PM.

    Address is 840 N. Eckhoff Street, Suite 104, Orange, California

    This meeting is open to a limited number of Land Ops members. It would be nice if you can make this meeting and support Chris Doering, KI6QBM and Jim Biram K6JKB. We will be conducting a presentation and playing the most recent (not yet seen) Club promo video for 2018.

    Register Below:


  • 17 May 2018 9:18 AM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    4x4 Adventures | Communications | Navigation
    Mysteries of Lucky Nugget – Update
    Possible Impact Location Found

    During the last filming op Fernando and Chris hiked to the meteorite discovery site once again. John Emig monitored them both using APRS from basecamp.

    During this research trip Fernando recognized a debris field of smaller rock fragments including magnetically embedded rocks.

    Watch the upcoming release of “Mysteries of Lucky Nugget” documentary. Only weeks away.

  • 16 May 2018 9:04 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

    4x4 Adventures
    Hats off to Greg Martin KK6PRV
    Land Ops Overlanding in Monache Meadows

    Another great video to peak your interest in preparation of Monache Meadows

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