Land Ops Teams
Off Road Exploration, Navigation, Communications and Special Task Operations

Welcome to Land Ops, a unique ham radio, off-road and navigation challenge club.  We invite you to join our group and experience the teamwork challenges, improve your ham radio skills, improve your off-road driving skills and learn about GPS navigation in an offroad setting.  Our collection of videos will give you a taste of the Land Ops experience.

As an affiliated club with ARRL, we not only participate in off-road trips, but we also participate to provide services to events during the year, including the Baker to Vegas Relay, the Kodiak Relay, and the Chimera 100 and other outdoor events.

Having a Ham license is not mandatory, but is highly recommended to get the full benefit from Land Ops.  We have three membership levels for registration:

Global Forum Member, Adventure Op Member, and Land Ops ARC Member.  Check out our membership page here: Join Here!

Due to the wide variety of participants and their specialties Land Ops can be described as any of the following:  

Jeep club, Ham radio club (amateur radio), Off road club, 4x4 club / group, Overland club, Geocache club, Land Rover club, Hummer club, FJ Cruiser Club, Expedition group, Adventure club.

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