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Recon Op Proposal: CABDR

  • 28 Nov 2018 9:52 AM
    Message # 6936730


    The Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route came to be a few decades ago, opening to adventurous souls some 1500 off highway miles in which to explore, camp, and recharge their wanderlust.

    Since then, a new organization, similarly named Backcountry Discovery Routes, has organized and opened similar adventurous routes in other states throughout the Unites States. Although these routes were originally conceived for adventure style motorcycling, their popularity has grown for hearty off road enthusiasts as well.

    Given the vast expanse of desert and mountain terrain in California, by any account an adventure seeking off roaders paradise, one would think surely such a route exists here for those willing and able to spend the time in the backcountry to traverse and complete such a trail.

    But there has been no such route. Until now.

    January 1st 2019 the CABDR-South opens. 850 miles of backcountry exploring from Yuma to Benton Hot Springs.

    I think this would make an epic Recon Op and a great video if we were to film it. Heck, we could even be the first off road oriented group to run it. Anybody searching CABDR on YouTube would learn about Land Ops. 

    More info here:


    I have been waiting for, and plan to explore this route, but of course not alone. If nothing else, I thought it might be worth discussing when the topic of future ops comes up.

    Feel free to share your thoughts! - KM6NVI

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