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Big Bear April 25, 2015

  • 10 Apr 2015 8:38 AM
    Message # 3291546
    Chris Doering (Administrator)
    Hi Guys,

    Suggestions for the general area are still open for this upcoming Big Bear op.I'm leaning toward the area we've used in the past for this one. North of Fawnskin out around 3N16 17 and 2N18.  

    Camping may be limited due to campgrounds not being open yet. I'll probably be in a yellow post somewhat dispersed and claim it as a base camp. I'm perfectly ok with having a double base for operations if John wants to run mesh and APRS from his home like he mentioned. We will probably need to start the op in the day shortly after noon and end by 1700-1800 hrs as this will give participants the option to go home afterward. The area is still not set though. We did a recon closer towards John's place about a year ago. Chime in with suggestions, but if you do please give it some thought as to the actual route two teams might travel.

    I plan on coming up Thursday, so if there any uncertainties regarding road closures and vantage points we can figure them out and post a last minute announcement. A rendezvous point should be posted after we determine the general area as early as possible. Any changes is actual routes can occur even up to Saturday morning as long as the rendezvous point is within the vicinty.

    Looking forward to a neat moutain challenge. I'm liking the idea of having a node for each team to hike to and task them with aiming to various other nodes. 

    Chris, KI6QBM

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