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Leona Divide UltraMarathon Needs Hams

  • 11 Apr 2023 9:53 AM
    Message # 13164039
    Jim Biram (Administrator)

    The Leona Divide UltraMarathon is in need of HAMS to help with the upcoming race on April 22nd.  Below is the information that was received...

    We are looking for a few more hams for the Leona Divide 100K-50M-55K-30K UltraMarathon.

    This takes place in and around the beautiful Lake Hughes area, Saturday April 22nd.

    Hams are expected to respond to Net Control, relay requests and queries, and report any exceptions they become aware of.  There will be no central database.  Runners will be logged, locally only, by the aid station personnel.  If hams choose to assist them, it is OK as long as they don’t forget to respond to radio calls.

    We expect there will be tee shirts for volunteers.  If you have done this one before, be advised that the route is back to the original scenic one from before 2013.  There are five locations in need of coverage.  All have good repeater coverage, most of them can

    be done with a handheld radio.

    The regular race website is https://www.khraces.com/series/leona-divide-50-50, which is still being updated for the course change.

    Contact me, John Minger, AC6VV.



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