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Suggestions for running concurrent events with SoCal Ops

  • 29 Jun 2015 4:27 PM
    Message # 3409146
    Deleted user

    The Northern California chapter has been invited to do a concurrent Landops event during the SAR Death Valley Advanced event scheduled for 26 September 2015.

    I would like to open this forum on posting up ideas on how we would run a concurrent event somewhere in NorCal such that the event occurs simultaneously to the listed SoCal event.

    The idea here is to link the Ops such that training and communications between the two groups is beneficial to the participating members. 

    Post up your ideas below.

    Note:  We have demonstrated the ability to communicate between landops teams located within a 200 mile radius of each other via 40 meters in daytime using specialized NVIS inverted "vee" antennas.

  • 05 Jul 2015 3:02 PM
    Reply # 3419261 on 3409146


    1.  The only tried and true method for communicating over such long distances is 40-meter with NVIS antennas.  

    Here are some other possibilities, but each has some disadvantages:

    2.  APRS text messaging.  The problem is that we probably won't find an internet connected digipeater in Death Valley

    3.  IRLP or Echolink repeaters.  The problem is that there are no ham repeaters in Death Valley.

    4.  Amateur radio satellite communications.  The problem is that amateur radio satellites have a communications window with ground stations of about five minutes during each orbit so the timing for the teams to establish contact via the ham radio satellites could cause a team to wait a long time for the satellite to pass.


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  • 16 Sep 2017 8:12 PM
    Reply # 5264239 on 3409146
    Chris Doering (Administrator)

    Concurrent ops here we come!

    psk31 seems to be the most reliable for varying conditions so far. I've got my HF mobile rig set up in the Jeep now and soon I will be a little more functional. Planning to add the signalink and laptop to the system.

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