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Equipment for Sale or Trade

  • 07 Mar 2015 10:11 AM
    Message # 3244343
    Deleted user

    I tried to find a more appropriate place for this thread, sorry if I missed it...

    I'm looking to sell some winches, and figured I'll give the Landops folks first crack.  Wife has been out of work since September, so I'm clearing out the stuff I don't need, for stuff I do ;)

    I am in South Orange County, and can meet you if it's not too far, or is on my way some place.  All of these will have the original factory warranty, they are all brand new, never used, and should include all parts (if you find something is missing, just let me know).

    First up is a small ATV winch:

    KT2500c (click to see details on Amazon).  Would like to get $90 for this one.  Still in original box, just a little weathered from being in my garage for a while.

    Next one is a small project I had been working on, but got distracted...like I do (those that know me understand).

    KT3000 (click for details) - I was making a receiver mounted winch using this and then a trailer wiring kit that has PowerPole type connectors to power it.  Everything new would run about $250 or more on Amazon.  I'm looking for $150.  Everything is new, all the parts are there, I just don't have the box still, so you'll get a cool Rubbermaid storage bin for free.

    Next is a 9,500 pound winch with the mounting plate included for free ($100 value).  It's in the box, still, unused.  KW95122 retails for $460.  Get the winch AND the mounting plate for $300.  Everything new, but loose in the retail box (no Styrofoam).

    Finally...the BEAST.  17,500 pound capacity.  You WILL hurt yourself trying to lift this.  I do...every time.  Wireless remote included, everything new, but loose in the retail box (no Styrofoam).  KW17122 retails for more than $1,000...and I'm really sad to see it go, but need the money more than I need this thing in my garage. :)   Take this and mount it on something stout for only $700.

    I am looking for cash, but also open to trades.  I don't need any more stuff, but here is my wish list just in case you're looking to off-load equipment and need a winch:

    • Yaesu or Kenwood Dual Band Mobile (bonus if it has built in APRS)
    • Decent HF rig (mobile or base).
    • HF Antennas
    • Working solar or gas generator (preference for Honda generators, like the one Chris uses...hint hint hint).

    That's it for now.  Shoot me a message if you want pics or anything.  Would prefer for these to find a home with people I know, and they are great products.  Thanks!

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