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Big Bear Mini Hamcation

  • 26 Apr 2024
  • 28 Apr 2024


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The first annual Big Bear Mini Hamcation will be an amateur radio event taking place on April 26-28, 2024 at The Lodge at Big Bear Lake-A Holiday Inn Resort.  The focus of the event will be an introduction to emergency communications, overcoming mic-fright, and getting outside to “play radio.”   Separate Tech Talk breakout sessions will be held for more experienced ham radio operators. 

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Gordon West, author of the study materials used for the license exam, will present opening remarks with a welcome from ARRL Orange Section Manager/Section Emergency Coordinator Bob Turner.   The Young Ladies Radio League will hold a meet and greet.


Some of the anticipated sessions include:

*Introduction to Emergency Communications

*Parks/Summits on the Air – How to POTA or SOTA

*Working Special Events to Prepare for Emergency Communications and Support the Community

*Portable and Mobile Antennas

*How to Contact DX and Intro to Contesting

*YLs (Women) in Ham Radio


Amateur radio exams will be offered by K6DDZ.com VE Team for anyone wishing to earn an FCC license which is required for all levels of ham radio.


Opportunities for POTA, SOTA and an off-road event called “I am Lost” will be available.


An outdoor display of various antennas and a demonstration of Amateur Television will be held.


Vendor space is available. 


Big Bear Mini Hamcation is an Open Air Big Bear event. 


Ham conventions are popular events in the amateur radio community.  Over 700 ham radio operators converged on Quartzsite, AZ in January for a weeklong event camping off the grid on BLM land.  Other events take place in San Ramon, CA, Dayton, OH, Huntsville, AL, and Orlando, FL.  The Big Bear Mini Hamcation will be the first ham conference in Southern California in many years.   The idea is to promote a weekend escape to Big Bear and explore the ham radio hobby.  Lodging recommendations will be available soon on the website Link to Big Bear Hamcation Website.


An estimated 250 participants across the Southwest are expected to attend.   Land Ops may have a booth at the event and the leadership team are looking into this.  All are encouraged to attend!

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