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Bradshaw Trail Overland Op (Level 3)

  • 20 Mar 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • 22 Mar 2020
  • 1:00 PM
  • 33.510735,-115.915697. Near intersection of Hwy 111 & Parkside Drive
  • 5


  • Licensed Hams - Land Ops ARC Member Level


Bradshaw Trail

Land Ops is running the historic Bradshaw Trail. 

The Bradshaw Trail, also known as the Gold Road to La Paz, is located in California's southeastern Riverside County. The trail was created in 1862 by William Bradshaw, and was the first trail that crossed the Riverside County desert all the way to the Colorado River. In 1863 it became a well-traveled overland stage route. Originating in San Bernardino, the trail was used to haul miners and other passengers to the gold fields at La Paz, Arizona (now Ehrenberg).

The trail takes you through a rock hound's paradise and offers spectacular views of the Chuckwalla Bench, Orocopia, Chuckwalla and the Mule Mountains. Wildlife viewing, bird watching, rock hounding, and hiking opportunities are plentiful along this road.  The trail runs about 70 miles of generally easy and scenic terrain, that ranges from graded roads to sandy washes.  Some of the offshoot trails can be more challenging.

This is a 3-day trip.  Meet promptly at Noon (1200) Friday the 20th at  33.510735,-115.915697 which is near the intersection of Hwy 111 and Parkside Drive near the eastern shore of the Salton Sea.  Be sure your vehicle is fully fueled and you have sufficient supplies.  Land Ops will proceed west and will find a primitive camp site late in the day.  Second Day we will hit the trail, and explore more of the trail, finding a camp location along the trail.  On Sunday, we will continue the journey, and plan to reach Blythe are around noon to allow for the drive home via I-10.


1. Primitive camping...plan accordingly for personal waste, food, fuel, and shelter.

2. Vehicle...recommended to bring extra fuel, tire kit, spare tire, coolant or other fluids you would ordinarily bring for an off-road trip.

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1.  YouTube Video from TrailsOffroad.Com

Bradshaw Trail by TrailsOffroad

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