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Big Bear Mountain Op (Level 2)

  • 21 Sep 2019
  • 10:00 AM
  • N 34.24571, W 116.70058 Near the Base of Tip Top Mountain


  • Level 2 Op open to all Land Ops Adventure and Land Ops ARC Members.

Registration is closed

Big Bear Mountain Op (Level 2)

Land Ops is returning to the Tip Top Mountain area east of Big Bear Lake area.  This is a perfect Op for first time Land Ops Members!

We will be disbursed camping near the Rose Mine Area at the approximate coordinates 34.24571,-116.70058 which is just off Forest Service Road 2N02.

Entrance to the area is off Hwy 38, using 2N01 which starts at the turnoff coordinates 34.20768,-116.737697 and Base Camp is about a 4 mile drive offroad from there.  Two Wheel drive vehicles can make the base camp on 2N01 and we will have a variety of trails for the Ops.  Land Ops hasn't been back here since 2015, so come on out and hit the trails with us.

Net Control frequency 145.555 simplex for primary communications. Net Control will monitor Big Bear Repeater 147.330Mhz, +600Khz, PL 131.8 as well.

Our regular Saturday evening 80 meter net will be conducted from this op. Tune in to 3.905 LSB at 8pm. As always if that frequency is busy, look for us slightly above 3.905.

More details on this trip to follow.  We may have a nite op for this event!

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