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Big Bear Mountain Op / Field Day

  • 23 Jun 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Bear Mountain Resort Parking Lot 34.228429,-116.860025


  • Open to all members and guests

Registration is closed

Saturday June 23rd, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Its field day! with Land Ops! and the Big Bear Amateur Radio Club (BBARC) We will be setting up a demonstration table with the Big Bear Radio Club!

We will be setting up a demonstration table with the BBARC, which will be operating a full field day event in the parking lot of Bear Mountain Ski Resort, approximate location 34.228429,-116.860025 Link to Google Maps

BBARC, will be operating HF on 80,40,20 and 15 meters SSB as well as a CW station.  They will also be operating a digital station.  They will also have a GOTA station (get on the air) which is for people without a ham license to experience long distance communication for the first time.  They will use the designator 4A/Orange (this is for ARRL contest purposes). The BBARC has requested that we not broadcast on HF bands from that location, however we plan on setting up some portable antennas to demonstrate LandOps capabilities.

We will play videos through the day for visitors to learn about LandOps.  We plan on demonstrating GPS usage, as well as the various types of GPS units available for locating caches and navigation.  We may put out some practice caches nearby for those who want to try out different gps units.  We also plan on demonstrating the Big Bear Repeaters as well as a crossband repeater on display.

We are not planning a nav/comm event with this trip.  This will not be an overnight event.  There is no camping at the Field Day location, and BBARC plans to shut down their operation Saturday evening.  For those who want to camp, we can give some ideas of where to go.

There is a barbeque during the day Saturday and we can contribute to enjoy their food.  There are some nearby trails, for those who want to explore on their own, with LandOps monitoring Net Control.  We will monitor 145.555 as well as the Big Bear 2 meter repeater.

Please Come and Support LandOps and enjoy a beautiful day!

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