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  • 01 Dec 2017
  • 3:00 PM
  • 02 Dec 2017
  • 5:00 PM
  • 34.557974° x -115.349024° Danby Remote Airstrip


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Meteorite Expedition | Night Op | Nav-Comm 
Friday Dec 1 – Saturday Dec 2, 2017



Due to certain logistics basecamp location for Dec 1-2 have been changed.


Primary Basecamp is Now At
Cadiz Road Near Kilbeck Hills Rd
34.354795° x -115.278761°

Access point from Hwy 66 (Cadiz Rd + Hwy 66 )
34.561685° x -115.544135°

Southern Egress (or access) (Cadiz Rd + Hwy 62)
34.104102° x -114.920317°

RV access is possible, but questionable. Cadiz Rd is maintained, but mostly dirt.

Gearing Up!
Chris Doering, KI6QBM, President 
Land Ops ARC


Arrive at Land Ops Basecamp:   3:00 PM 

    (near Old Woman Mountain)

Op Starts Friday Afternoon:   4:00 PM - Orientation for the Friday “Night Op” 

Friday Night Late Arrivals:   If you cannot make the night op please plan on arriving  Friday evening. The meteorite expedition will start early 
   on Saturday morning. 

  8:00 PM Special briefing for late arrivals (go to net control) 

Saturday Morning:   7:00 AM - Meteorite Expedition Op begins 
   5:00 PM – Approximate op completion time

Op Overview

This is a very special event. The op officially starts on Friday afternoon with an orientation at 4:00 PM (exact location to be posted prior to op). We will be conducting a unique night operation with two off road teams, a special communications team, overwatch and a net control station. The night op will start this event with hidden caches that present the mystery behind the second largest meteorite to be found in North America.

We will be exploring, navigating, solving puzzles and working in teams as the story unfolds in the darkness surrounding Old Woman Mountain.

Off Road Support Alpha Team - On Saturday morning an off road support team will be tasked to carry a specially equipped and hand picked “Site Team” to their departure point.

Hiker's Apply - Special Hand Picked “Summit Team” hikers encouraged to apply (email Fernando on meetup site) On Saturday morning a specially selected “Summit Team” will depart for a three mile flat hike to the ascension point. A short range hike support team 3-4 hikers will accompany them up to this point only by bringing, food, water, and radio repeater. The support team will also film the ascension from below.

Hiker's Apply - The “Summit Team” (4-6 members) - will continue on and ascend a few thousand feet to ground zero, the exact site where the meteorite was airlifted out by a U.S. Marine Corp helicopter in 1975. Land Ops special expeditions will be filming this meteorite site and surrounding area.

Off Road Nav-Comm and Special Tasks.

Off Road Special Task Teams  
During the hike to the ascension point and the summit the off road support teams (Alpha and Bravo) will be conducting special tasks (to be announced at the op and within the caches) around Old Woman Mountain.

If you are a hiker we encourage you to RSVP and let us know in the comments area that you’d like to participate and be considered for hiking teams.

If you are NOT a hiker or do not feel you have the strength to make this hike RSVP and indicate “vehicles” or “special task teams” in comments area.

Setup Team – some members will be arriving early Thursday to setup net control. If you are able to assist in setup by coming early we can give members tasks that will help get this special op properly set up. Please RSVP and indicate if you can arrive on Thursday.

What is a night op? Watch video below

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