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Cuddeback Desert Nav-Comm

06 May 2018 12:24 PM | Chris Doering (Administrator)

Report from Cuddeback May 5th Op
Ridgeline Base Camp & Special HF Demo

Instead of staying down on the desert floor we decided to get above it all. This year at Cuddeback we had perfect, I say again, perfect weather for camping up on the ridge south of Fremont Peak and East of Cuddeback dry lake.

We all found our space higher up overlooking the three dry lakes surrounding our camp.

The op attendance was perfectly sized as well. One net control station and about 10 vehicles total on the op. Afterwards we got a demonstration by Peter (new member) KA6U who was using WSJT FT8 digital mode (HF) contacting Indonesia, Russia, Japan and South America.

Peter was using an end fed 40 meter dipole about 20 feet over our heads. We also listened as he made CW contacts at about 30 words per minute.

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